Meeting SRK

The calm in the midst of the storm… And finally I came face to face with Faith

“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” – Napoleon Hill

It’s not that I never had any opportunity to meet him before 2015. But I always wanted my team members to fulfil their dream before mine. I made sure that I got a chance for them to meet him before I tried for myself.

On 2nd November 2015, we had planned a get together with around 250 SRKians from around the world to celebrate SRK’s 50th Birthday at Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai. A week prior to this event, I got a call from someone saying that there will be a meet & greet session for the fans. He asked me how many members were there in my team.

You just know in your heart when something special is going to happen. I wanted to give chances to as many fans as possible so I informed the team that around 350 fans from SRKUniverse would be present.

The whole week I couldn’t sleep well, thinking about the moment when I would finally meet SRK. What would I tell him? What would I do? I was too nervous and excited.

I was literally counting days off the calendar on my office table and started highlighting each n everyday in that week till I would come to India


The party which was organized by SRKUniverse for SRKians to celebrate SRK’s 50th Birthday, started from 10am & got over by the afternoon. Then we went to Mannat to celebrate like we always do.


It was a very long day. We were too tired waiting for the event to begin. But the spirit of SRK kept us going. Finally we went inside Taj Lands End Hotel at around 10:30 pm. I was so exhausted and hungry that as soon as I went inside I went directly towards the buffet.

After finishing the food we went inside the main hall where the stage was set. Hundreds of fans had already gathered there and there was no place to even sit. The cameras had made their set up and it was difficult to see anything from behind them.

I wanted to leave the place immediately but even though my team supported me, I could see the hope of meeting SRK on their faces. I could not be unfair to them. It was one of the biggest moments of our life. So many of members had travelled from across the world to be here.

So I just said to myself, “Beta welcome to Bollywood.” and decided to stay.

And then the king himself came on stage, and all our stress was forgotten in a second.

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Everyone started screaming out of excitement and we all were enjoying! After the interaction SRK left the stage & my heartbeats increased as the moment we all had been waiting for finally arrived.

Someone came up to me and asked me to follow him. He took me to a place which was jam packed with people so I guessed that SRK must be here. The fans who had gathered there started pushing each other in an attempt to meet him. The whole scene turned into a chaos.

He told me to get all the SRKUniverse members to go to the stage area & make groups of 20 each. I urgently requested Farhan to make groups of our members. Farhan wanted me to go inside first from our group and then it was him & others followed. We were not allowed to carry anything with us, no phone or camera or anything at all.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-05 at 10.01.11 PMAfter all this nervousness and chaos, finally my moment came. The very first time I came face to face with SRK and shook his hand. I mean that moment was out of this world. All the noise around me seemed to have vanished. The blood started pounding in my brain. Not a single word could come out of my mouth. I just stood there, holding his hand. All for just a few seconds. The meet was so short. We went, shook hands, took a picture and were asked to leave.

I could not believe that it was over. I just wanted to get out of there. But we waited till all our admins took a picture with him. And then it was over.

I was so disappointed. Was 20 seconds called a meet and greet? All this stress, trouble, tears for this?

But I had to admit that maybe the feeling of disappointment was because you just cannot have enough of SRK. Even if it was 2 hours, I would have still felt that it was less time. So I convinced myself to be happy. We went out from that room and hugged each other.

And then the true surprise came. Suddenly someone came and told me to follow him. Farhan had a huge smile on his face when that happened. He almost started dancing, he was so happy for me. I went inside and they asked me to wait in the corner and told me they wanted me to meet SRK alone. My emotions again took a roller coaster turn. I was so happy to know that finally my time has come.

I waited inside that room for 30 minutes. For 30 minutes I was 5 feet away from SRK as he was still meeting other fans. I was just looking at him, observing him. I could not believe that I was in the same room as SRK for 30 whole minutes, just 5 feet away from him.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-05 at 12.24.08 PM (1)After he met everyone and he was about to leave, I was pushed forward towards him and introduced to him. I can never forget what happened after that.

He hugged me and said, “Beta thank you very much for everything you do.”

All my five years of effort, all my hard work, my every dream for the past 20 years, everything was justified beautifully by that one moment. Many of those who meet SRK know what feeling I was going through. Wow. I finally met my hero. My faith. My inspiration. The feeling is something that cannot be described.

I wanted to talk to him; I wanted to tell him each and every thing about SRKUniverse. But all I could manage was to act like a baby. You can see it on my face. My son still teases me about it saying, “Papa u looked like a baby in those pics.”

The biggest superstar of the world, and so so humble. So down to earth, simple, kind hearted. So normal. Wow.

I came out and told my team members what happened inside and they all were happy especially Farhan – my main admin. He knew what I had been through and how important this meeting was for me.

The moment is gone. I am sure SRK must be having many such moments every single day as he meets so many fans. Even I met SRK several times after that. But the memory of that first meeting is definitely my most precious one. Something that gave me hope to continue what I was doing for the past four years of my life.

Only yesterday I got to know that my private meeting happened only because of the YRF documentary “Tu Nahi Samjhega” as at the end of the documentary they wanted to show my first ever meeting with SRK.

5 thoughts on “The calm in the midst of the storm… And finally I came face to face with Faith

  1. Your story makes us believe that if you have faith & a pure heart, no dream is distant 🙏 & not only you fulfilled your own wish, but also made so many SRKians dream with their eyes open! For an SRKian, meeting SRK is the greatest dream of life & thanks to you & SRKUniverse numerous SRKians could live the best dream of their life – meeting our King..Shah Rukh Khan! Can’t thank you enough for whatever you have done for all of us……respect 🙏


  2. Teared up reading this. Thank you so much bhai for everything you’ve done for srkians . So happy you got to meet him one-on-one and knowing that Shahrukh knows the main guy behind his fan club is amazing. Without you and other main admins, even I myself would never imagine standing outside Mannat for his bday much less getting the opportunity to meet him last year. You gave that to the fans. Much love to you and all of SRK Universe


  3. Bhai this is amazing… don’t know how to express at the moment but this is what makes you special human being

    “It’s not that I never had any opportunity to meet him before 2015. But I always wanted my team members to fulfil their dream before mine. I made sure that I got a chance for them to meet him before I tried for myself.”

    Wish you a loads of success and good health.



  4. Bhai this is Amazing dont know exactly how to express in words but this is just what makes you a special human being.

    “It’s not that I never had any opportunity to meet him before 2015. But I always wanted my team members to fulfil their dream before mine. I made sure that I got a chance for them to meet him before I tried for myself.”

    Wish you a loads of success. Stay blessed and healthy.



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