Divided by Nations, United by SRK. @SRKUniverse – The Network

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team – Phil Jackson

I will not get into the details of how I started SRKUniverse. You might have probably read the details somewhere. Or you can go through the link here.

But in this write up, I would like to say a few words about the immense, extraordinary network of SRKians that has been created over the past 4 years thanks to this platform SRKUniverse. When I started off with SRKUniverse, I never thought that it would grow into this huge link between so many countries. I mean of course I hoped it would. But to see it happen in reality is an out of this world experience.

One day I asked @HipsterSRKFan Bhai, “Why don’t we think about creating international branches for SRKUniverse? SRK has a huge fan following worldwide. Even people living abroad would love to be an active part of this.”

Bhai was enthusiastic, “Good idea. Let’s start!”

When we announced the opening of international branches, I did not imagine we would get such a massive response. Our inbox was flooded with emails from all over the world. In retrospect, I guess that was bound to happen, because that’s how huge a global fan base SHAH RUKH KHAN has.

Today we have 36 branches worldwide. Our network is working 24/7. Thanks to technology like Whatsapp and Skype, it is much easier to co ordinate with our international branch admins. Everybody in SRKUniverse is here only for the sole purpose of spreading SRK love. They are here on a completely voluntary basis to work day and night just to spread this love. So maintaining such a huge network, though not easy, is quite fulfilling.

Pakistani fans performed a dance to 'Jabra' in tribute to SRK
Pakistani fans performed a dance to ‘Jabra’ in tribute to SRK

Our admins on Facebook and Instagram are also a huge part of maintaining the platforms and sharing SRK love all over the globe. I cannot thank them enough for their contributions.

Even in a country like China, which has restrictions on social media, we have our branch there, approved by the Chinese Government. It’s amazing how Chinese and Japanese fans use Google Translate and keep in touch with us to get SRK news and they bemoan the fact that other Bollywood stars visit their country but not SRK.

SRK Universe main branch admin went to China to join Chinese SRKians at Happy New Year premiere
SRK Universe main branch admin went to China to join Chinese SRKians at Happy New Year premiere

SRK, I hope you are reading this. Our friends in China are waiting for you to visit there.

To manage such a huge network, we need dedicated managers 24/7 around the world. Mr. Farhan, our operational head, is pursuing his MBA in the USA while he looks after the overall operations of SRKUniverse. I can’t even imagine how he manages to make time for this along with his studies! I appreciate his and all other administrators’ hard work and dedication—that’s the kind of love these people have for SRK.


When I see trolls on twitter abusing the admins and especially Farhan for no reason at all, I would like to tell them to first come here and see the kind of effort we are putting in.

We at Team SRKUniverse believe that if we love Shah Rukh Khan, then we have to do something for him to show our love and appreciation. Tweeting alone isn’t enough for us. Every time any SRK film is about to release; it is festival time for us. People from all over the world, all nationalities, all religions, all of us come together and celebrate the release of his movies. Some arrange First Day first Show screenings, some arrange promotional events, and some of them have even taken out rallies.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-12 at 2.00.21 PM
SRKUniverse Aurangabad at Dilwale FDFS

We also have 56 Indian state SRKUniverse WhatsApp groups who organize and plan promotional events plus FDFSs of SRK’s films. A girl from Canada named ZEE (not ZEE TV) manages all the groups. Whenever any SRK film is about to be released, she meets with all the city admins and plans FDFSs one month prior to the film release date. She sends performance and status reports for every city group to Farhan and to me. She has been planning and organizing all SRKUniverse events for the last three years. I am very impressed with her work, and I salute her for her dedication and hard work. I am thankful to all the admins for their efforts, too.


I have always tried to make sure that all these admins get at least one chance to meet their idol, and so far I have been successful in giving that chance to 90% of our SRKUniverse team members. After all it is for his love that all of us could come together.

Many members who started with us and have now left, their contributions too cannot be forgotten. Each and every person who has been with SRKUniverse at some point or the other has been a major contributor to taking SRKUniverse at this position.

SRKUniverse Ranchi at Raees FDFS

Following in the footsteps of our idol, we have always try to do something different and fun while introducing new ideas and projects, just as Mr. Shah Rukh Khan does. We had made a documentary with Yash Raj Films for the promotion of Fan. Right now all of us are busy planning something unique, cool and special for SRK’s upcoming film, Jab Harry Met Sejal.  I hope it works!

For me, I am just blessed to be in the midst of so much love. I come from a place where the total population is not more than 1400.

My Native Island. G.dh.Vaadhoo (Image Source)

But because of SRKUniverse I am in personal touch with more than 5000 people every single day. I can feel the love and admiration for SRK every single day through my team members. I am glad that this love has brought so many people from such varied backgrounds together. This is what the power of love can do. This is what the power of SRK can do!!!


9 thoughts on “Divided by Nations, United by SRK. @SRKUniverse – The Network

  1. Thank you for all the hard work that all the members of SRKUNIVERSE does. It is truly amazing. Everyone united for srk. How happy he must feel when he sees it. Beautiful writing btw 💖💖


  2. hello SRKUNIVERSE ,you are doing amazing job ,this is called most Loayal Fan following 🙂 I am one his biggest admirer


  3. I believe in love , faith and SRK.
    Every fan has his/her way to express their love towards SRK. We are very fortunate that we got this platform to express it in our own manner with celebrating FDFS on every movie of SRK. Thank you Mohammed bhaai this means alot.


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