My journey of love, within the journey towards SRK

When I decided to unite the fans of this fandom, which is like family to me, I got some of you to help me in this tough work. I got close to many of you in this journey. You guys have enriched my life in ways that I won’t be able to describe in mere words. But today I will like to mention some of my experiences about this journey which have made a very important place in my heart.

At the age of 12, I left my parents and came to the capital city for higher studies. I have stayed alone since then and I used to see my mother only for a few days every 3 to 4 years. I was never very close to my parents because of that, and all my sisters and brothers grew up without me. SRKUniverse has been my substitute family now and some people who help me run it have become more close to me than my own family. I know more about their lives than maybe I know about my own family.

In 2016, a very interesting thing happened when I visited the house of an SRKUniverse member and met this member’s mother and father. The parents welcomed me into their house like a son. I was very touched by their behavior, how innocent and humble they were. They knew everything about me and appreciated what I had been doing for my hero SHAH RUKH KHAN. Ever since that day this fan’s mother started calling me ‘beta’ (son). I cannot tell you how deliriously happy I was. The kind of happiness that fills up your heart so much that it overflows through tears.

Every morning when I woke up, I saw a ’Good Morning!’ message from my Indian mother, who kept checking if I was eating on time because she knew how busy I was. This mother’s messages kept me going on the dark days. The concern and “apna pan” that I got through her was something that I had been missing for so long.

Whenever I achieved something and whenever I met my hero, SHAH RUKH KHAN, my Indian mother was the first person who messaged me, saying “Beta, I am proud of you”. I would read it 100 times, and I felt proud that my mother was so proud of me. Her constant encouragement gave me strength to achieve more and more. It is wonderful to realize how much my life has changed. Because of her, I gained strength and self-confidence. Whenever I visited their home, she cooked an Indian meal for me, explained the dishes to me, and told me how I should eat them. The taste of her hand made Biryani still lingers in my mouth and brings back tears of joy.

Unfortunately it’s been more than 3 months now that I have received any messages from her. I thought she might be angry about something, but her son told me she is not angry; these days she is just not using her phone. I asked him many times to call me and hand her his phone, but that too did not happen. I am still worried about her. Anyways, I want my Indian mother and father to know that I love them and miss them very much. I wish them good health, long life, happiness and prosperity. You are the best mother to me. I love you, MOM!

Moving on to my next story: I had never met this sister of mine until 2015, though I had known her since 2013. When she told me that her father had cancer and had been admitted to Tata Medical Centre in Kolkata, I wanted to visit him. I went to the hospital with my brother, HipsterSRKFan, and there I met Sneha, her mother and father. Her father was very sick and unable to speak. He wanted to say something to me, but he couldn’t. I was in tears when I left his room. I felt there was a reason that God had sent me to that hospital. I took care of her father’s medical expenses, said goodbye to them, and the next day left Kolkata.

Six month later, Sneha sent me a message to say that her father had passed away. I was in shock—it was like I had lost my own father, and I wasn’t even able to reply. Then I realized that her father wanted to say to me, ‘Beta, even if I am not here, please take care of my family.’

Now Sneha and her mother are my family. I earned my first ever Rakhi through this sweet sister of mine.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-17 at 10.38.01 PM
Sneha tying Rakhi to me

Don’t go by Sneha’s small stature and her kind demeanor. She is one of the strongest girls that I have known. Imagine taking care of your sick mother all by yourself! She is both the son and the daughter of the family. Only Farhan and I know what she has gone through and is going through in her life. I love her immensely and there are so many things that I learn from her every single day. She is someone I can depend on even with my eyes closed. She is not only a huge part of my strength but also a big inspiration for me. I just want to tell Sneha and her mother, that I love them very much and will take care of them always, Insha’Allah.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-17 at 10.37.59 PM
Sneha’s mom, me and Sneha

You all may notice that in all my blogs there is one name which appears repeatedly—Farhan, my right-hand man, my brother. He was there for me when my brother HispterSRKFan left for his studies. He has been through all the ups and downs of my SRKUniverse journey. He is someone who silently does all the work without ever wanting any appreciation. He is my strongest support. I don’t have any friends and I generally have a difficult time expressing myself, but with Farhan I don’t need to speak. He gets me. He is one of the few people whom I can say know me the closest.

me n farhan
Farhan and me

Farhan is a wonderful man. I will never ever forget this incident which has touched me beyond anything. Almost two years ago, I didn’t have enough money to pay my phone bill, but as soon as Farhan found that out, he paid it for me. Without asking, without a second thought. That’s how much this man loves his brother. I don’t say this often enough, but I love you, Farhan bhai.

There is only one thing that bothers me, whenever he talks to me he uses the BC word. When he says, ‘I love you, bhai,’ he uses BC. Hahaha. It may be because he is living in the United States. Honestly, I don’t like it very much.  One thing is certain, though, even if SRKUniverse was not there, he is one of the very few who would always keep in touch with me.

My brother Farhan

I have just one piece of advice for my brother Farhan: stop chatting with only the most beautiful girls around here. I used to get complaints from other girls saying that you never replied to them, I think that’s why Twitter has blocked two of your accounts. Love you, bhai!

This journey of SRKUniverse has been possible only and only because of the wonderful people surrounding me. They have filled a huge void in my life, not only by working hard day and night to spread the SRK love, but also have given immeasurable love to me as a person. I cannot thank them enough.

7 thoughts on “My journey of love, within the journey towards SRK

  1. Muhammad bhai u did a fantastic work grouping all together SRKIANS all around d world under a roof via SRK UNIVERSE. I am happy that am part of it. Lots of Love from us. @VsdRaees Vishwas Deo


  2. Touched!!

    To sum up my feelings and emotions I’ll just say that “Proud of you bhai.May god gives you more and more success along with good health.”



  3. You are a true inspiration Muhammad Bhai. After reading all this I become speechless but I must say that Being as a trainer I give examples to my students of famous personalities. Now u r added in example of love, faith, humanity, leadership and SRK.
    Hats off to you.


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