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The #Safar Of Spreading SRKism

The release of SHAH RUKH KHAN’s next movie, Jab Harry Met Sejal, is moving closer and I cannot be more excited about its release. Firstly it is a SRK film and secondly because the central theme of the movie is travel. SRK and travel have been closely related to my life for a long time now. In fact SRK is the one who has led us SRKians from all over the world to travel across to India every year. I am sure that many international SRK fans would agree that we call India “SRK’s country”— that’s what we global fans know best about India. I have traveled a lot to India and Sri Lanka to see his films, first day first show because until five years ago, there was no theater in my country showing newly released Hindi films.

When his films release, it’s no less than any festival for us SRKians! But the biggest day for us undoubtedly the most special date of the calendar, 2nd November. We fondly call it “SRK Day”! Since 2014, our members from all over the world have converged in Mumbai to celebrate his birthday on November 2nd.

And thanks to this SRK Day, I have met so many wonderful people whom otherwise I would not have ever had the opportunity to meet. SRKUniverse is handled by around 200 admins worldwide. Sadly, even though we communicate almost on a daily basis, I have still not managed to meet all of them. In October 2015 though was the first time when most of us met.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-25 at 9.30.29 PMI arrived in Mumbai early and received some of our members myself. Most of us stayed at the Sahara Star Hotel. It was a surreal experience meeting all the people we knew through our phones but had never met. There was some awkwardness at first. I even remember welcoming Farhan at Mumbai Airport and thinking “Why does this guy look so serious?  He’s so funny on Twitter and WhatsApp!” It took him two days to return to his usual character.

It was awesome meeting SRK fans from 20 different countries for the first time! We thought we might have created a world record, so we contacted the Limca Book of Records, but the application process was so complicated that we had to forgo that honor for the time being.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 11.27.08 AM

During that first day, a woman from Saudi Arabia came to me in the hotel lobby. She had heard about me but had never seen me, so she said, “Can you give this gift to Muhammad for his family? Tell him it is from me.” After she finished, I told her that I myself was Muhammad. She was surprised and happy, and she thanked me for uniting all SRK fans from around the world.

The best part was that after the 2015 trip, whenever we have checked in to any hotel, when we says we are from SRKUniverse,  most of the hotels know about us, the biggest SRK fan club.

Our celebration of SRK’s birthday was covered in this article

Nothing delights me more than when I see someone else sharing the SRK love. I am very proud of SRK. Not only SRK’s IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, I support Indian cricket team too because it represents SRK’s country. Apart from me, I know many non-Indian SRK fans who got upset as the India Women’s National Cricket Team couldn’t win the World Cup this year.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 11.24.16 AM

Many of these fans don’t understand his language but still love him and watch all of his films. I don’t speak Hindi either, but because of his films I now know some of the language: Main poori duniya mein se die-hard SRKians talaash raha hoon taki hum sab sath milke poori duniya mein SRKism faila sake. Hasle hassle baad mein pata chalega tujhe, wo sirf star nahi duniya hai hum sab fan ka.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 11.24.16 AM (1)

We spent the entire first day and night in the Sahara Hotel lobby. We had so much to talk about, and of course there were fans from several Indian cities too. The topic we kept talking about was SHAH RUKH KHAN. The next day some Indian members brought food from their home. I was touched by their gesture. Only SRK fans can love other fans so much, and that’s what we have learnt from our hero SHAH RUKH KHAN: to spread love.

I always tell my fellow fans that SRKUniverse is a network of people that rely on one another, help one another, and love one another like a family. We all are here for SHAH RUKH KHAN. We SRK fans, individually, are like pearls & the golden thread that brings us together to form a pretty necklace is SRK.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-25 at 9.30.32 PM
With my Canadian admins

Whenever his films are released, we always identify with them. Every time we try to find out how similar is the world of the character SRK is portraying on celluloid to our own lives. We hope that at least in this reel life, we may be able to share SRK’s world.

If I see that in real life too SRK’s is using a certain brand of mobile phone, I’d want to have the same one. Last year I read in an Indian newspaper that SRK was being appointed as the ambassador of a very famous brand. I immediately went to a shop and bought gadgets of that brand, but later discovered that the news was incorrect.

For us, SHAH RUKH KHAN is not just the world’s greatest superstar; he is our family as well. His dimples originate our happiness, when he is melancholy we too feel down. He has redefined love for us. To be exact, SRK is the symbol of love to us. Like we are aware of the presence of air around us, can’t see it, but only feel it as the breeze. Similarly, we have heard of the feeling “Love”, “Happiness” & we find it in SRK.

His movies, interviews and speeches have taught us countless lessons for our daily lives. Even his profound tweets teach us so much. Whenever you feel low just go through his timeline, SRK’s words of wisdom will heal your heart & make you feel positive for sure. Trust me, his words work magic!

SHAH RUKH KHAN, in his interviews, tweets and speeches, always urges us to be humble, to work hard, and to dream big. What inspires us more is SRK’s love & respect for his parents, despite losing them so early in life. Not only as a son, SRK is the best in every way possible, best brother, best husband, best dad & needless to say, the best superstar.

SRK is a living legend in true words! You just can’t stop learning from him, everyday he’ll have something new & wonderful to teach you. He also explains that whatever we do in our lives should be done with passion and love—and that’s what we are all trying to do here.

8 thoughts on “The #Safar Of Spreading SRKism

  1. You’re one of the example to say that “Dreams do come true with hard work and dedication.Amazing Bhai 👍
    More power to you” 🙏


  2. Your article always make my dreams growing bigger to meet SRK, I will be happy too if this year I can meet SRK and all of you from team srkuniverse, I’m from Hong Kong, I have plan to come India on his birthday but I’m still confused and afraid b’cz I will go alone and in there I don’t have anyone who I known. 😢😢


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