Haar Kar Jeetne Waale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hai

When I started on this journey of SRKUniverse, my main aim was to have a structured platform for all the SRK fans to come together. I had a huge dream and today, 4 years down the line, SRKuniverse has become everything that I had ever wanted it to be. In this journey the only obstacle I faced was keeping the SRKUniverse website live.

Initially I did it through a Sri Lankan company with help of HispterSRKfan. At that time we wanted to have the best Fan site available for any star. We got into a massive research mode for the website. We asked for suggestions from other fans too. Everybody was excited as they liked the idea of having a cool website for our hero, Shah Rukh Khan. I still remember how HipsterSRKFan gathered a team to write content under the supervision of Souzie Di. They all worked very hard day and nights.
But when we started, I did not know that it would be so difficult to manage a site. A website needs much more time, energy and brain power to keep it updated and interesting.  Soon as we started, some members got busy and we had difficulties keeping it functional. It was a complete failure from our side. After one year we were unable to maintain it and it went off.

Website Home Page

Actually I have zero knowledge of running a website. But I did not want to accept failure and again after 6 or 7 months I took everything under my control and restarted it. But even this time it was a challenge to maintain it. We were hardly getting support from other fans and after 5 months it went off again.

They say you learn from your mistakes, so I was trying to take these 2 failures positively. I was figuring out the faults because of which things didn’t work earlier. I always go by SRK’s words, “Success imparts no wisdom, and failure teaches you everything. Failure is very important. Fear of failure will make you pragmatic. It will make you logical in your thinking”, he once told a young audience at a quiz show in Bangalore. “Failure takes any form and it is the experience of failure that takes one’s life forward”, he added.

“Don’t worry, get things wrong and learn from it”

Now it’s the third time I’ve made the website active once again. My aim is to develop this in a professional manner and on a large scale, where we can attract SRK fans from all over the world and provide them with updates on his life, his film work, and other activities, as well as promote his films and projects and hold mega contests when appropriate. We are not doing this for personal gain; this is just for the love and respect we have for Shah Rukh Khan and what he is doing for the world.

The website went live on 3rd August. And irony is such that as soon as our site was up and working, our Twitter handle got suspended! This, I would have never ever imagined in my life.  The story of how it got suspended is actually funny. The audience reaction video we posted for Jab Harry Met Sejal, in which fans can be seen dancing to Butterfly song (due to which the account got suspended), videos similar to that (even clearer than ours) were posted by other fans and FCs. But it makes me wonder that why only SRKUniverse had to be the one to suffer!

Who doesn’t have haters? Even some creepy people talk nonsense about King Khan himself! But it’s also true what SRK says, haters are there to remind you that you are doing great and they hate you because they can’t be like you ever!’s time for haters to enjoy. Like it was said in Raees “Din achhe  chal rahe hain tere.”

Toh abhi haters ke din achche chal rahe hain. Par unko ye bhoolna nahi chahiye ke sheron ka zamana hota hai. SRKUniverse ka bhi zamana hai. We’ll come back stronger and it’s going to happen in 48 hours. We have very powerful people working on it. 

It’s how life goes & nobody can ever drag me down, especially when it’s about doing something for SRK.

And about our site we just want to say that we’re here to stay this time and we will keep it updated no matter what! And even if no one comes forward to help, the one (@writeratmidnite) who brought the site back to life within a short span of time, will manage it alone if necessary. But we won’t give up this time for sure.

We have some exciting plans coming up with the website. We have planned some fun contests, and fan fiction categories. We also plan to have celebrities contributing to the content.

So the Twitter account suspension is just a small hurdle in the big picture. We are growing big in every possible angle. So do visit the website and become a part of this huge SRKUniverse land. 

6 thoughts on “Haar Kar Jeetne Waale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hai

  1. Bhai, i was/am silent observer/follower of @SRKUniverse and all that happens on Twitter related to srk, so acc to my observations i can tell u that @SRKUniverse got suspended cuz some lowlife (must be verified account like KRK, krk was jealous and tweeted abt bulk booking thing, loser wants to destroy Srk films) or bulk of accounts of Sallu or akki fans reported it seeing How u guys organize FDFS events all around the world and also how u linked /connected all srkians, so to destroy unity and take down Srk fans they did this, hope SHAH sir intervene in this matter and insha allh @SRKUNIVERSE wilo be back

    Best wishes, and take care from now onwards as there r many haters of what u do /did for SRK, so they use all tactics to bring u down like they do for Srk by spreading /creating unnecessary negativity when that man brings so much honors to this country

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