SRK Fandom Awards – An Award Function Of The Fans, By The Fans, For The Fans

For me, the biggest connecting moment with any person, is SRK. If that person is an SRK fan, I instantly connect with him. Do we really need anything as an award then? Why fandom awards then?

Actors get award for the hard work & dedication they put to make a character look realistic on screen. And the fans who transform a star into a superstar play a great role in every star’s life. To quote a dialogue from FAN, “Gaurav Hai Toh Aryan Hai, Gaurav Nahi Toh Aryan Kuch Bhi Nahi. So we decided to felicitate the fans for their unconditional love for SRK.

We know we can’t give award to every fan for their love for SRK, and we also know that SRKians don’t need awards for loving him. But I thought that we could at least bring them all together by organizing this award function of the fans, by the fans, for the fans! We look up to SRKFA as a festival where we get together to celebrate SRKism. It’s like homecoming after spending the entire year away from family…our vast SRKian family.

Thus the journey began. On 2nd February 2014 we held our first ever SRK Fandom Awards on Twitter. Next year, 2015, our online award ceremony fell on the same date the prestigious Filmfare Awards were being telecast on TV, on February 8. And I am extremely delighted to say, that our tag related to SRKFA trended on top leaving the Filmfare tag far far behind!

Earlier we used to have the award ceremony online & present gift vouchers & digital certificates to the winners. But seeing the immense response for the event we decided to take it forward & do something more for our fellow fans. So on 14th February 2016 though the award ceremony took place virtually, on Twitter, like previous 2 years, we decided to send the winners real trophies instead of gift vouchers!

Thereafter came the major twist in the tale! The same year we decided to have the 4th Annual SRKFA on 31st October, 2 days before the most special day of the year, SRK Day! And unlike last 3 seasons, this time not only the trophy was real but the award function as well!

Read what a fan has to say about Fandom Awards:

We invited some 300 fans at Club Millennium, Juhu. We planned an entire evening to pamper and celebrate the fans. We organized the entire function with trophies, red carpet, delicious food and dhamaal entertainment. We also had some celebrity guests for the mega event, like Arvind Vegda, Ajaz Khan.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-14 at 5.59.38 PM
Chennai FC team winning the best fan club trophy

But as it was SRK Fandom Awards, something was still missing as King Khan himself was missing from the venue. Well we do keep faith in SRK’s words and as he said in Om Shanti Om, “picture abhi bhi baki hai mere dost”!

SRK couldn’t make it to the event but he sent a sweet video wrapped with love & blessings, wishing us the best for the award ceremony & leaving us teary eyed with inexplicable joy. He also asked us to send him a trophy! I guess it was the biggest surprise of that blissful night!

It’s said that good & evil go side by side, like G.One & Ra.One you know! When one side of the earth sees sunlight the other remains in darkness. Similarly when majority of the fandom was happy about SRKFA, some negative minded fans were busy criticizing the initiative! From criticizing the concept of awarding the fans, to the costume analysis of the attendees of the award function, they did everything they could to talk negatively about it. I call such fans HiFi fans who take themselves too seriously & sit with this illusion that only they are pure SRK fans with a standard certificate & others are not even up to the mark, instead an embarrassment for SRK! I’d like to tell them WAKE UP!!

So, such HiFi fans raised a hue & cry saying we’re giving awards to some fans & demeaning the others! What they meant by “demeaning others” is still a mystery to me! Allow me to clear this misconception; we don’t give awards to some fans to demean other fans! The awards are mainly for fun, but we also know that for many fans the awards means a lot. For them the trophy is an achievement to cherish, something to show their parents that even being a fan they can get an award!

I believe many of us got scolded by parents for paying too much attention to SRK than studies & all. Like it was shown in FAN too, Gaurav is being scolded by parents for his extreme love for Aryan. So for such crazy fans the SRKFA trophy means what the Super Sitara Award meant to Gaurav. And for the HiFi fans, I’ve one line to say… REHNE DE…TU NAI SAMJHEGA!!

Coming to another example of meanness by the HiFi fans, they also had problems with the dress code for the award ceremony. The winner of SRKFA Best FanGirl 2016, Sneha was criticized by these fans for her costume. She had dressed as Paro from Devdas! Not only her costume, these people had a problem with her acceptance speech too! Why? Because she thanked her parents on receiving the award & said the dialogue from FAN with a bit of modification,

“Main Jo bhi hoon, jahan bhi hoon, jis mukaam pe bhi hoon, apne Farishte (SRK) ki wajah se hoon.”

What’s wrong if she says mukaam? She received an award for her love for SRK! For a die-hard fan it’s indeed a moment to get emotional! For you HiFi fans, you may not feel happy receiving an award related to SRK, but the die-hard fans would shed tears of happiness while accepting one. Either you are so blind with jealousy to see that or just emotionless to realize that.

And about thanking her parents, she lost her papa in the same year on 2nd February a day before her birthday. Her papa had cancer & you can’t imagine what situations she faced before & after the said incident. She couldn’t control her tears after receiving the award hoping that she could show the trophy to her papa from whom she inherited the interest in films & SRK. She got too emotional at that very moment & we allowed her emotions to flow with her words wet with tears. The trophy helped her to find a much needed consolation after her dad’s demise. Once she went home with her trophy her neighbors came to see her and to congratulate her. This is what SRKFA means to die-hard fans.

Yes haters can say whatever they want. We know the amazing responses we get from majority fans. We know what Fandom Awards means to them. We know what SRK means to them. Who cares about the criticizers? We definitely will have them this year too but whether we will have it in Mumbai or on twitter, that is yet to be decided….. Stay tuned!!

4 thoughts on “SRK Fandom Awards – An Award Function Of The Fans, By The Fans, For The Fans

  1. The Love for King @iamsrk unites all the people of the World, of different Nationalities and Religions. The Great person, real Baadshah sir SRK. We love Him so much.


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