4 Years Of SRKUniverse – The Beginning

I wasn’t so tech savy earlier, like I have become now. But as they say, time brings change into your life & for me the transformation has been more positive than negative. Though I joined twitter before MNIK was released, I wasn’t that active till I found the people I was destined to meet, to form something revolutionary, a well-organized fan club of Superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Allow me to turn the pages backward & unfold the secrets preserved deep down in my heart. When SRK came to Mumbai initially, he didn’t have many resources, but now he owns the city of dreams including countless hearts from around the world. All because of his talent, hard work & a bit of luck. Similarly, some 5/6 years back when I joined this platform, Twitter, with the desire quite sparkling but still not so strong, to have a fan club that would bring all the followers of my favorite star SRK under one roof, looked like a distant dream.

And then I found the perfect guy to assist me to turn this fragile aspiration of mine into a real achievement. And he’s none other than Hipster. I came across this mysterious yet very interesting person during the release of SRK’s 2013 blockbuster Chennai Express. As I mentioned above, in-spite of joining twitter in 2009, I wasn’t much active till CE days. I kept observing people doing twitter trends, organizing contests to promote the film & shortlisted a few names who seemed to have the potentials to walk along with me to build the big fan fort.

Hipster was one of them. When I saw him holding contests & doing trends to promote Chennai Express I collaborated with him & sponsored the contest prizes. Hipster was just, much more than excellent! You can call him SocialMedia-pedia! He’s so updated that one can hardly imagine, knowing almost everything happening around on the net! You would get an immediate & detailed answer if you ask him about any Twitter users, even their real name & pictures! It was like he knew everything about everyone, but no one knew anything about him! Amazing…right? I was looking for someone like him, as it wouldn’t have been a cakewalk for me to fulfill my flamboyant intent all alone, because I was not staying in India, but Maldives.

I started interacting with him & gradually we became good friends. You wouldn’t believe, when I shared my idea of uniting worldwide fans of SRK, with Hipster; he surprised me by revealing the fact that he too had been nurturing the same dream & waiting for someone who could support him financially. I had my savings & he had the cool ideas, so our bond was like it’s said in Hindi: ‘Lakshmi aur Saraswati ka mel!’ He still kept his identity under wraps though.

So we started planning everything & the first step was to occupy an active SRK FC with decent number of followers. We approached a few but all of them turned down our proposal & one asked us to be a part of them instead. After being dejected for a few times, we dropped the idea to buy it from an already active SRK FC. Meanwhile few more SRKians joined us & one of those talented & helpful guys was AngrySRKFan.

We were still in search of an active account with good followers. One day Angry mailed the owner of Bollywood Gandu mentioning me & Hipster & stated our wish to buy his twitter handle. But this too backfired & Angry did a great blunder mentioning our screen names in the mail. The Bollywood Gandu guy tweeted the screenshot of that mail exposing us. I have never felt more embarrassed than that. Because of that irking incident Hipster & I didn’t talk to Angry for a week.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-08 at 5.30.37 PM

However, like the phoenix rises from the ashes, we too overcame this setback & started moving forward. Finally we met Chandra Mouli who agreed to give us his fan page in return of money. Yes we had to buy it & I don’t see anything wrong in it, as we had so many plans to execute but so less time in hand to start with an all new twitter handle having just a handful of followers. Apart from Hipster & Angry we also appointed Chandu as our admin to update twitter.

This South Indian SRK fan, Chandu, was very hardworking & used to update the handles 24×7. I started looking at him as my younger brother & also looked after his family & helped him with his further studies. Not only that, I also sent him to China & Indonesia as the representative of SRKUniverse to promote the SRK movies Happy New Year and FAN.

When Hipster & I owned Chandu’s FC, it was called @TeamShahRukh. We then changed it to SRKUniverse, the name I picked from the ones suggested by Hipster. He came up with a few wonderful handle names, but two I liked the most, one was SRKUniverse & the other was SRK Galaxy.

twitter_srkuniverseTo do something big you always need enough people to be there for you. We too decided to expand our family & include more people to help us in this mission of constructing The Biggest SRK FC In The World. As we had been doing everything in a professional way, we thought of including people after checking their CV & taking interviews. More SRKians like Souzie Di, Neel, Maddy joined us. They started updating our Facebook page. Souzie di was the one to suggest us the tagline for SRKUniverse, ‘Connecting SRKians All Over The World’ & she also designed our very first DP & header. I’m yet to find a team more hardworking than these people who held our baby SRKUniverse’s hand when it was learning to walk.

Our first logo

Another guy I’d like to mention in this context @TheSRKdisciple who used to draw the blueprint of quiz contests by SRKUniverse. There were some more people who had been supportive initially, like @iamravii , @Pranavdi , iDownager , @RranaYasser & @SedShah. But most of them parted their ways after a certain time. I still miss them though & want to thank them for whatever they did..good or bad.

I believe good people come into our life as an inspiration as to how we should be & evil people appear as an example of how we shouldn’t be!
Like a selfish girl Mimita (not real name) cheated me & took a big amount of money from me promising to return that ‘soon’. I sold my iPad to arrange that amount as she pretended that she was really helpless & needy. It’s been several years since she has “borrowed” that money & not likely to give it back, even though she’s got a job now.

This is the update she put up a few days ago on Snapchat:

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-08 at 5.27.38 PM

In this safar I’ve learnt so much & experienced biggest betrayals from the people I trusted the most.

Yes there are good people as well, but very few, who are still with me. But mostly I have moved on forgetting everything. It’s been more than 2 years since I got a message from Angry who used to be really close to me. Unlike Warrior, from whom I’d get a message every week asking “Kya kar rahe ho bhai?” Warrior, another guy in this ‘Mysterious Twitter Users’ group.

@HipsterSRKFan, @AngrySRKFan, @SRKsWarrior, @TheSRKDisciple these guys were extremely famous on twitter not only for their love for SRK, but because of the secrecy they maintained regarding their actually identity. As I got to know Hipster closely it was really amusing for me to see people referring to him as Raj/Rahul.

Coming back to Warrior, I never supported his way of tweeting & we often had brawls over this matter. Numerous times I asked him to delete some of his offensive tweets. But he has been always very supportive since the early days when it came to trends. Even if he was in class, he would come online to help us in trending whenever I’d inform him. One of those very few people who treated me with supreme respect.

Today SRKUniverse has become really big, but the journey wasn’t as smooth as it seems to be. So much hard work, so much time & money was invested by us so that it thrives well. At the primary stage we used to get 5/6 retweets per posts. Hipster, Angry and I used to plan a lot to make things look even more exciting. What not we did, to be eligible enough to achieve everyone’s love & support, from doing fun contests, to SRK Fandom Awards.

And finally we received the greatest reward we could ask for – a follow back from the King Himself! The blessed day was 4th December 2013, just 3 months after the birth of SRKUniverse. Since then there has been no looking back.

Within a year & half SRKUniverse became the the talk of the town because of the team’s illustrious work. And then Hipster introduced me to this brilliant brother of mine, Farhan! This genius lad living in America has his roots in India & one of those few people who is still with me through thick & thin. He’s the present COO of SRKUniverse & I’m proud to have him in my team.

I still remember how disturbed we were when everyone refused to give us an active account, especially when Bollywood Gandu posted that humiliating tweet. Reminds me of that moment when a heartbroken, teary eyed Shah Rukh Khan screamed standing on a Mumbai beach “I’ll own this city one day.” Now King Khan says the city owns him with love. So I feel like the SRKian family owns SRKUniverse with the enormous love & support. It no longer belongs to me only, it belongs to the fandom.

Farhan came into the picture, and Hipster left to Australia for his studies, previous admins moved on with their lives and new people joined….

The story is not yet over. This is just the INTERMISSION.. part 2 will follow soon….

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