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My Favorite SRK Film.. And Why

As it’s known to all, I’m a die-hard fan of the incredible superstar from India, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. Staying in Maldives, a country where watching a Bollywood movie in theater used to be synonymous with daydreaming. Thankfully the scenario started to change & since last few years I can watch SRK movies in my own country without doing any huff & puff. But it still makes me emotional recalling those days when I used to travel to India or Sri Lanka to see my favorite star on big screen. SRK’s 1997 classic Dil To Pagal Hai was the first ever film I saw in a theater.

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While writing this article I’m going to revisit those lanes, where the scented candles of memory light up each & every turn. If you ask me to name my favorite films you will hear me chanting the titles of SRK movies only. Not only because SRK is my most favorite & I watch his films only, but the other reason is that my heart & soul feel connected with the characters SRK plays on celluloid.

Being the eldest child of the family I started to work at the tender age of 15. I stayed far away from my family & friends for my further studies & work. During that phase of my lonely life, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham appeared as a solace. Whenever I used to watch that film, SRK’s bonding with his parents & other family members made me relate to the peace & pain experienced by the character Rahul Raichand. I felt the comfort watching SRK’s screen mom adoring him. I wept bitterly when the rift was raised between Rahul & his dad. It was no less than meeting my family virtually through the protagonist SRK.

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SRK himself stated that ‘Fan’ is one of his most favorite films. So is it for us! Apart from the fact that the film is solely based on the life of a fan, another reason of it being extremely special to me is, it’s first look was revealed by a fan club, our SRKUniverse! For the first time in the history of Indian cinema a fan club received such an honor to unveil the first look of their idol’s film.

Also a documentary was made by YRF on SRKUniverse and the fans associated with it. I remember refusing to be a part of the documentary initially when YRF approached us. Hipster & our another admin Ayush were there with me in that meeting. It still makes me smile, remembering how Farhan came after me, convincing me to get it done during the shoot. Finally all went FANtastic & the video took the Internet by storm. In fact, news regarding the documentary was published in our local newspaper too!

SRK is called the King Of Romance because of his unforgettable romantic roles, such as Raj, Rahul & so on. Yes, he has built the lover boy image of himself so well, but proved himself to be effortlessly perfect in other genres like action, comedy & who can forget the characters with a grey shade immortalized by King Khan as Don, Vijay Agnihotri, Rahul Mehra, Ajay Sharma & the recent addition Raees! To select one film as my favorite from all his beautiful films is as tough as picking only one dish from a buffet of desserts! I love all his films…period!

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