Family Time

Holiday With Mike, My Son

I remember the last 4 years I have been extremely busy with office work and SRKUniverse. Maishaan used to complain saying daddy is always busy with touching touching (means on phone or laptop).

I got very sick last year & my back pain troubled me a lot. So 6 months back, I decided to go somewhere with him whenever I get my off days or any public holiday.
So during the weekend, I decided to take him to Sun Island Resort And Spa. When we were here during last Eid, Maishaan liked the place very much and he told me, “Daddy I want to go to the same resort again.”

Here are some of my memories from our trip.

The wonderful Sun Island Resort And Spa

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The lush greenery surrounding the resort.

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Feeding the sharks.

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Mike with his grandmom.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-24 at 9.05.44 AM
Mike with his grandmom


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And Last but not the least, Mike trying out the SRK Pose for the first time 🙂 .. I think he almost got it 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-23 at 7.43.30 PM
Mike trying out the SRK pose

Seeing the happiness on my family’s faces, I cannot be any more at peace and relaxed than this.

However what makes me extremely sad is that the SRKUniverse work definitely suffers when I am out of touch. When I take a leave to be with my family, I have noticed SRKuniverse social media accounts are almost inactive as no one is there to remind them to update them. It hurts me to see that. Even now as I am writing this, I can see that our twitter handle’s last post was 17 hours ago. I am trying hard to balance the work and personal life but its not happening.

But to not disappoint or let down our loyal fans and supporters, I promise you that from the coming month, we will be much more pro active with our work. I will work it all out and find a way out to manage this huge platform, however difficult it may be. And that is my promise.

I sincerely hope Mike and I can continue this small tradition of taking such trips at every possible opportunity that we get.


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