4 Years Of SRKUniverse – The Journey Continues

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Running a fan club may look like fun from outside, but only those who keep it updated know how much hard work it consumes! Especially when it’s the biggest FC of the biggest Superstar!

However, we handle it in a very professional way & have some really dedicated admins to keep it well updated. After Hipster left to complete his further studies, Farhan took the charge & he’s the present head admin of SRKUniverse. Farhan is a  fun loving guy full of life & in his company hardly anyone would feel bored! Because of his friendly nature he’s close to all admins & needless to say that he’s very close to me too.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 12.27.39 PM
Farhan and Me with Bangalore FC Members

But it’s kind of difficult to be in touch with him because of the time zone issue. He lives in USA and there is 6 hrs time difference. I remember whenever I tell him “Bhai post this on UNI”, he will reply to me saying “BC I am in my class.”

He used to send me pics from his class too. Farhan is the only one who makes fun of me & he used to do some hilarious edits of mine whenever I used to share any pic in our group. It’s a funny experience, but not every time I liked such jokes. Time passed by & he’s become more mature now & thankfully doesn’t do such edits anymore & I can share my pic without worrying about it being transformed into a piece of laughter!

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 12.20.15 PM
One of Farhan’s chutney edits

About updating Uni we keep things organized & have daily discussions on how to improve things. Sometimes we all agree & sometimes the opinions are contrary but there’s a good coordination that keeps our bond intact. I adore & admire all of them but some of them are no less than family to me.

Apart from Farhan the other admins were Salwa, Darina, Shefali, our Twitter admins and Arpit & Zee used to update Facebook. Arpit & Shefali moved on with their lives but Salwa & Darina are still there and Zee helps us in managing the FDFS events.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-04 at 12.27.44 PM
Some of the Team Universe members

All of them worked very hard to make things look good & I want to thank all of them.

Apart from the Uni admin team, I’d also like to thank our trend team head Javed & his team for making the trends easier for us. I’m also thankful to all our city admins who lead the FDFS & other events & promote SRK & SRKUniverse in their respective cities.
During last year’s SRKFA & SRK’s Birthday, we all came together in Mumbai & had a great time. The Fandom Award is to felicitate such dedicated fans. When all of them came out of Mannat with a smile on face & glittering eyes after meeting SRK on his birthday that’s the greatest peace to me!

InshaAllah this year too I want to help more SRK fans to taste the divine sweetness of the SRK Meet & Greet.


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