Family Time

Happy B’Day Dear Brother, Farhan

Dear Farhan bhai, I may not always tell you, but I hope you know how special you are to me, how much I appreciate the friendship between us. I feel proud to have such a caring and  helpful person as my little brother. And today, I hope you know all the good things I wish for you, and all the love that’s in my heart for one very special brother. Happy Birthday!!!

I can pretty much see your face right now as you start to read this. I think somewhere along the way I stopped telling you how much I care about you, and how much I appreciate you being there for me when there was nobody. 
Hahaha I don’t know.. Sometimes I feel that you have changed for good and I feel that you can never do anything wrong from now on. Since a long time you have not called me “BC maha…” etc. 

I need to tell you some things I’ve been waiting to tell you for a while. We both know how much we care and respect each other and I want you to know, that no matter what happns, I will be there for you and I expect the same from you. We may have our differences but at the end of the day, we both want what’s the best for our FC. 

I am so proud to call you as my little brother. And I just want you to be happy always.Sometimes it takes me a second to get your jokes because they’re always witty and smart. And most of the times I have to ask “google uncle” to understand some of the jokes. Especially the ones where you troll me with different kinds of emojis.

As soon as I do get them, the same thought goes through my brain, “How the hell did he think of that?” and “Why the f….. Is he trolling me?” But to be honest, I laugh most of the times alone  because I know that’s how you are and thats how funny you are. 

And sometimes I used to think my life wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is in this mad social media world if you didn’t exist. I just wonder what would have happened to me if you weren’t there, helping me to manage this monster we have created. 

So thank you for everything you do for me and thank you for  listening to my bakwas and for being my funny little brother. I’d be so lost without you.

Happy Birthday once again dear brother.

Love, always.

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