When The Storm Swirls Around, I Find My Peace In Work

In this realm of social media where the ratio of fake & authentic is 10 : 01, people who don’t know you properly, consider you fake most of the time. It’s okay. Those who don’t know you well, can misinterpret you easily. Everyone is free to have their own point of view. But problem arises while expressing such opinions based on half known (most of the times, unknown) truth. They should know that they’re not allowed to accuse anyone without knowing the truth! Still they’re pardonable according to me, as they’re not familiar to the other side of the coin, but those who know you much more than these nameless faceless people blaming you bluntly, join the bandwagon of the stranger accusers, can you forgive them?

I’m saying all this because since last few days, a bunch of brainless people have been blaming me for something which I’m not even related to in any way! I was bashed for making fake accounts & attacking people! To me it was the joke of the week, which I spent being tied with work! And no wonder that those jokers are so very far from the reality! Let me enlighten you why!!

First of all, if one would want to attack somebody making fake accounts, the person would definitely hide his/her identity…right? So why the hell would the person turn on the location feature on then?? Making fake account to keep one’s identity secret & turning the location on to give a hint like “PEHCHAAN KAUN?!”, isn’t the whole exercise losing its purpose? Come on….little use of brain anyone?? If you are accusing, at least give some point which is valid enough! Ridiculous!!

Secondly, when all this circus was going on in the virtual world, I was busy with my job responsibilities in the real world! And I feel truly blessed as I believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Last couple of weeks had been hell hectic for me due to the office work for a new project. This week I have visited 10 Maldivian islands, which you call cities in your country. Well except our company’s Airport Island, I hadn’t been to any of these islands ever in my life.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-13 at 6.03.10 PM
The islands which I visited in the past few days

Apart from this, I have visited a very special and important island according to Maldivian History. And I hope one day my son will read about all these experiences of mine as I am going to show this blog to him on his 15th Birthday. I did not tell him about Maishaan.com yet.

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Talking about the above mentioned special island, which I have visited for the first time, R.Rasgatheemu, is the first capital island in the Republic of Maldives situated in the north province in the north edge of Maalhosmadhulu Uthuruburi Raa Atoll. And here I found a very interesting place which is believed to be 900 to 1800 year old. The bottomless well of Koimala!


It’s said that King Koimala used to use this, as ritual place, with a ‘veyo’ bathing tank nearby. It is situated at the current Mosque cemetery area of the island of R.Rasgatheemu, & according to local folklore, it’s bottomless and connected to the sea. If myths are to be believed this wondrous well was linked to supernatural forces as well.

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So when I was busy exploring such beautiful places, some filthy people were playing blame game & demeaning me on social media. Two minutes silence for such morons who don’t have anything constructive to do in life & try to find peace by causing harm to others who have better life than them.

Remembering SRK’s words, “People start hating you when they can’t reach your level!” Who hate you actually want to be like you, achieve things you have & they know they can’t, that’s why they hate you! As simple as that. But dear haters, always remember this tweet by SRK:

I know I’ve some haters here, as King Khan said : “If nobody hates you, then you’re doing something boring.” So it’s fine by me! I know, no matter how much I open up to everyone, there will always remain some negative people who would still attack me as I’m the founder of the biggest FC! Price of being prized!! Alas!
I also know that there are many people who love me..respect me, who wouldn’t get affected by the harsh words of haters who are misguiding people spreading fake stories.

To be honest, at times the hatred level is so extreme that I feel like deactivating my account. However, in last 5 years, 4-5 people helped me to update my personal account on my behalf, as I hardly get time to tweet. Because of this, often I’ve thought of deactivating my account. But my brothers, Hipster & Farhan refrained me from doing so.
Last week Farhan told me “Bhai there is no need to delete it. Whenever you get some time, come & post something and also keep writing your blog whenever you are free.” And Hipster keeps on blasting me every time. Even last week he told me “Bhai don’t explain yourself to anyone!”

I feel Hippi is right, you can wake people up if they’re actually sleeping, but you can never wake them up who are just pretending to be asleep. I also remember this tweet of SRK:

Having said that I’d also like to say the same my idol wrote in this tweet:

From 16th to 19th October I shall be traveling to Sri Lanka and New Delhi for office work. During this Safar stuffed with work, my favorite songs from SRK movies kept my mind calm.

However for the first time in 5 years I will not be able to make to Mumbai for SRK’s birthday or for Fandom Awards as I am completely caught up with work for the next 2 months. I feel really bad, especially as I will miss meeting my team members and my best friend. I am extremely sorry for that. I just wish everybody all the best for Fandom Awards.

One thought on “When The Storm Swirls Around, I Find My Peace In Work

  1. Well said bhai.
    Your work, dream, sincerety and dedication is an inspiration for everyone.
    We often says that “Jab jab jispe jag hasa hai tab tab usne itihas racha hai” and same is when people envy with others.
    God bless you bhai and wish you a more success.
    More power to you.


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