The Sweet Surprises That Make All The Efforts Feel Worthy 

As I mentioned in my last blog, there is this project that I am working on and for which I had traveled to Bangalore and Delhi to hire some candidates.

I traveled with a team of four, which included our project executive director, project consultant and project manager apart from me. Last couple of weeks have been very hectic for me, as I was travelling continuously, domestic and as well international.

At first we reached Bangalore on 22nd October at 7 pm. And what a warm welcome I received there! As I have already stated, this trip was entirely an office trip and had nothing to do with SRKUniverse. But to my delight, as soon as I tweeted about this trip to Bangalore, SRKUniverse Bangalore Admin, Pritesh told me “Bhai, I will come to pick you up from the Airport.” I told him Bhai there is no need to do that as I am on a business trip. As soon as we came out of the airport, Pritesh was there to receive us with a beautiful flower bouquet!

The love and respect I receive from these people amazes me and it keeps me going. Finally I have started believing in myself that at least I’ve done something in my life which makes others happy. And it’s because of SRK and SRKUniverse. I feel so proud of creating this network.

And I would like to thank Hipster, Farhan and all other members of SRKUniverse, who are with us at present and also those who left us; for their immense support to create this FC and bring it to where it is now. Thank you everyone. You all have given me a new reason to work really hard and to be happy everyday.

When I was in Bangalore, Ruhi and Pritesh came to meet me at the hotel. And Ruhi presented me one of the best gifts I have ever received. She made a very special card wrapped with the most precious memories of my life, all the pictures from my meeting with SRK. Just imagine how special can this be. Thank you Ruhi! I am going to cherish this gift from the bottom of my heart.

I stayed in Bangalore for only a day and then left for New Delhi by a night flight on 23rd October. When I reached the hotel in Delhi, at 1 am, I was completely exhausted and sleep conquered my eyes as soon as my heavy head touched the cozy pillow. The next day was extremely tiring too, as the interview session went on till 4 pm. But my Uni team members filled my exhausting day with sweet surprises!

At around 10:30 am an amazing student from Delhi came to meet me.  Abir, who is doing a PhD, contacted me 4 months back to get information about SRKUniverse. He is writing a thesis on SRK Fans and wanted to know about SRKUniverse, how we run it etc. I provided him with all the info he needed and promised him that I would help in every way I could to complete his thesis.

The biggest surprise of the day was yet to arrive & it came at 6 pm! 4 girls, who are documentary filmmakers of AJKMCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia (The University SRK went to!) institute who are making a documentary on SRK Fans, came to fetch some info about SRKUniverse and I, after taking interviews of so many candidates throughout the day for official work, was so delighted to give them my interview.

And the series of surprises continued… While I was shooting for the documentary, I got a call from our Delhi admin Aanchal and who informed me “Bhai we are waiting for you at the Hotel Reception.”

As soon as I came downstairs, I saw 20 members from SRKUniverse Delhi team thronged the hotel lobby. All of them were very happy meeting me and I was happier than them actually. I was so excited to have this sweet get together I didn’t even expect. I had a chat with them for some 20 mins. And one of the members even sang Hawayein song for me. That was extremely sweet and touching. This much love you will get only from one SRK fan to another.

Some of their members brought me a pizza too. A chandoori pizza. They also gifted me a booklet with personal messages of some of their members and Aanchal told me “Bhai you have to read it now!”  I promised her that I will do that inside the flight, because I had a 5 hour long flight back home next morning, quite early, too early for the angels to fly, in SRK’s words. And I kept my words, when I went through the booklet, it moved me into tears. It was very heart touching. Thank you so much.

And to be mentioned in this context that the head admin of SRKUniverse Delhi, Chaitanya, gave me special gift too. He is one person whom I wanted to meet since 3 to 4 years, as I had heard such nice words about him from my brother Hipster. Such a lovely guy.

Thank you Aanchal and Chaitanya… Love you all. City groups like you are the reason that I am still here on social media.

I had a great time in Delhi and wanted to talk to Chaitanya and Aanchal for a little longer but did not have much time as I wanted to do some shopping as well.

Overall, my trip which was supposed to be a hectic work thing, turned out to be one of the sweetest surprises and filled with love. I must say that the love and respect these guys shower on me is what keeps me going. This love is what keeps me going and makes me promise to myself that I want to work extra hard for SRKUniverse. Love you guys. Thank you for everything.

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