Meeting SRK

SRK’s 52nd Birthday Bash – A Trip To Remember

Till the last week of October the plan was to organize SRK Fandom Awards in Mumbai and I thought that I shall get an advance one week leave. But unfortunately due to my hectic schedule, I wasn’t able to get my desired leave. So at the 11th hour, after having a discussion with Farhan and Hipster, I decided to cancel the mega event as even Farhan and Hipster weren’t able to come to Mumbai. So finally keeping the circumstances in mind, we agreed to have it online.

When we successfully held the 5th Annual SRK Fandom Awards on Twitter, on 29th October, I somehow convinced my boss to grant me a leave of 3 days, so that I could join my team members in Mumbai to celebrate SRK’s 52nd B’Day.

And so true is the dialogue of OSO, “Itni shiddat se maine SRK ka Birthday Mumbai mein manane ki koshish ki thi, ki har zarre ne mujhe chhutti dilane ki koshish ki thi!”

Finally I came to Mumbai against all odds.

The same night we planned to have a special B’day Party for SRK and invited some of our members to join us in Mumbai. I guess only on 1st November morning, most of the members got to know the venue. Because everything was planned in a hurry. Like it’s said in Hindi “Palak Jhapakte Hi!” Everything was planned in the apartment I had hired for 4 days. That was like our office for that period.

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I must highlight here the amazing job done by our SRKUniverse Mumbai Admin, Yash. What an amazing guy he is! I am extremely proud of him and so thankful to him for whatever he has done for SRKUniverse! Love you brother.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-09 at 11.46.09 AMI think we had a wonderful party and I saw how happy all members were. Also would like to thank, Joy baba, Pritesh and all other members for their help.

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Yash and I had stressful and sleepless nights to finalize whom all to take with us for the meet and greet inside Taj Land’s End. We knew that some 450 SRKUniverse members had come to Mumbai for the very special occasion. By SRKUniverse members, I mean all those people who are in our city WhatsApp groups, people who participate with enthusiasm in the FDFS city events, those who come online when needed to trend hash-tags related to SRK and his films. People who help us in any and every way they can, to promote SRK & his films. And we do have performance reports of every event that we do. I personally check the performance of each city and each and every member.

So based on  that, we selected the members and asked everyone to be outside Taj. When we reached there, we found that police has pushed the crowd very far from the hotel. Neither were we allowed to go near our members, nor our members were allowed to come near us!! Phewww it was chaos everywhere!

Yash, Javed and I waited outside for 4 hrs to find our members and give the special bands to them. We waited outside till all our members went inside. And we missed most part of the show. But I don’t have any regret, as I wanted all our members to be happy & I’m quite sure they were!

Also I would like to highlight that there is an FC from South India, whom I helped to go inside Mannat even last year. Their owner came to my hotel and asked me about the passes. I told him that even I did not get enough passes and I can give him only one pass if he wants. Then he told me that he has 29 members and I said I would try for them. I met him outside Taj and tried to get him 5 passes through the event management company who organized the meet and greet event. But sadly, security did not allow them to go inside. I was helpless and couldn’t do anything about it.

As soon as the event was over, he & his team members kept attacking me on social media claiming that I gave them fake passes! It hurt me so deep that I have promised myself that I will not go out of my way to help anyone for anything in the future.

Coming back to the 2nd November night, main kya bolu yaar? It was one of the best meet & greet event ever. I went inside with Yash, Javed,Pritesh, Rags, Vj, Juilee and some of my other members and took the Fandom Award specially crafted for the Birthday-Boy with me. But when I went inside to meet SRK, a security took the trophy back. I was so upset that you can actually see that I was looking at the trophy instead of the cameraman.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-03 at 5.50.26 PMAs soon as the cameraman clicked the group picture, I went to the security to get the trophy back and later Pritesh told me that Ravi wanted to stop me but SRK told him to let me go. His team allowed me to take the trophy from security and I came back in the meet & greet room & gave the trophy to SRK. As I was giving him the trophy, he asked me “Aapka Fandom Award hogaya kya?” and I replied “Yes sir, thank so much.” He smiled back, and the cameraman captured that beautiful moment!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-03 at 6.52.05 PMWhat more could I ever have wanted, than that perfect moment? All the stress, all the worries, all the negativity, everything wrong just seems to fade away in the background as I remember that perfect moment.

I started SRKUniverse with the sole aim of creating a platform for SRKians all over the world and somehow try that maximum fans are able to meet their star. I am really sorry to all those people who had their hopes on me and whom I could not make them meet SRK. But it is not the end of the road, “Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost.”

Sometimes, even with the right intentions, some things go wrong, like what happened with the passes. And the negativity that comes with all this is so staggering. I find it really hard to believe that SRK fans, my own people can resort to going against the teachings of SRK himself, about positivity and kindness.

But as the dialogue goes, “Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein, hoti hi rehti hai.” I am just happy that so many fans were able to celebrate their star’s birthday in the most wonderful way. The love and emotion that I saw on everybody’s face as they came out after meeting him, is all the reward I ever want.

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